A Heart In Diamond Embodies The Love You Profess, The Love You Share, Or The Life You Made.


The Perfect Diamond

Our quest for the perfect diamond seemed to be never-ending. Until now, that perfection could never be attained. Diamonds deemed as perfect could always be trumped or disputed. Our quest has, indeed, concluded. You initiate your perfect diamond. It's grown for you and made with the love of your life for love. The perfect diamond can only be perfect for the one it's made for. We have fulfilled the conclusion we sought. A Heart In Diamond embodies the love you profess, the love you share, or the life you made.

You do not acquire it by chance. Whether for a friendship or your 40th wedding anniversary, the spectrum of love is yours to celebrate. One diamond can be created using some of every family member's hair or your newest family member's infant strands. Behold a gift for all of love's occasions.

Image courtesy of Heart In Diamond.