man-made diamonds

Man-made diamonds are real diamonds that are made in a laboratory instead of nature. The concept, by itself, qualifies for "breathtaking." When your personal carbon (extracted from hair) provides your diamond's basis, your diamond is yours. Witness the first manufactured product to be irreplaceable upon completion. Your connection transcends your initial encounter. Imagine regarding earrings, rings, and pendants as sentimental before they're ever worn. Imagine not having to imagine. Give a gift that never loses its awe. A new era is at hand.


Never Be Apart

The Heart In Diamond enables a bond that absence cannot break. Loved ones remain together despite many miles between them. Distance no longer separates. Whether you're celebrating an engagement, marriage, birth, or anniversary—what diamond could be more precious than one created with your loved one's personal carbon? Now, your diamond's origin will forever rival its beauty.


Tangible Devotion

Gifts are a form of communication. They should indicate one's thoughts and feelings toward the recipient. At last, you can give a gift that imparts what the recipient means to you. Proclaiming your devotion has never been easier. When all the other senses are wild goose chasing, the sense of touch ensures an infinite connection.


Think Back

When was the last time you purchased something that blew you away? How long ago was it? How long did that feeling last? How long did/will that product last? Your Heart In Diamond repays you whenever it's seen, worn, or held. Your diamond repays for generations to come. Genealogy will never be the same.