The Magic Of Walter Lantz

Up until I was around three years old, cartoons were the only television shows that appealed to me. If you put me down in front of a cartoon, I was captivated for its duration. After I developed an interest in the rest of television, I still hungered for cartoons. I did not lose this hunger until I was around eleven years old. I may have lost the hunger but I always kept my appetite for them. This is thanks to the magic of Walter Lantz. His productions are just about the only cartoons that I still love to watch.

Chilly Willy is my favorite creation from the Walter Lantz studio. He has to be the most endearing cartoon character of all time. I liked him from his very beginning. My second favorite is Woody Woodpecker. I came to like him when he stopped being wacky. His appearance and behavior grew to be sophisticated. I was hooked after his evolution. Walter Lantz was a wizard and his magic is fun to watch. We are never as great as when we come into this world. I am grateful to Walter Lantz for showing me that I did not altogether lose this greatness.


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