The Greatest Powerlifter Of All Time

Love is power. We can find strength in love when we are near exhaustion. This power is so great that we will stop at nothing to preserve it. We make sacrifices every day for this power. We go to great lengths to protect, help, and please the ones we love. We understand love’s significance and consider the power that we receive from it as incomparable. A symbol of love that energizes our beings is a “powerlifter.” I may not have coined a new term, but I have added a new definition to an existing one.

Mankind has undoubtedly used powerlifters since our very existence. Many of us carry around pictures of our loved ones in our wallets, purses, or cell phones. We display them on our office desks, in our cubicles, and in our homes. The Heart In Diamond is the supreme powerlifter. When we wear this symbol of love on our person, we maintain a connection to our loved ones. It is much easier to tap into the power source that we value most when we need it most. The Heart In Diamond is the ultimate powerlifter for the ultimate source of power.


About Webmaster
Harry Burl created in 2010. He is dedicated to educating the public about the most incredible diamond that mankind will ever encounter. The Heart In Diamond is the end result of the diamond's evolution. It is only a matter of time before man-made diamonds dominate the entire diamond industry. Harry is doing his part to see that this happens as soon as possible. This will eventually put an end to blood diamonds and the environmentally destructive practice of diamond mining. Harry is a catalyst for this change to materialize. Digest what he shares and be a part of this phenomenal transition.

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