The Elevator Game

When I was around eleven years old, I was about to get into a lobby’s empty elevator to go to a higher floor. As I approached, its doors almost shut. I pulled on both doors and kept them from closing all the way. I could not get them to open back up but I continued to stop them from shutting. Suddenly, I felt the doors begin to open back up and I decided to have a little fun. I was in no hurry and no one else was around. As the doors started to open, I pushed on them so that they would close. Then as the doors were closing, I made them stay partially open. I repeatedly kept them from fully opening or closing. I amused myself with this game for about ten minutes. It ended when I lost control and the doors finally shut all the way.

By now, I was ready to take the elevator up to the higher floor. I pushed the “Up” button and waited for an elevator to arrive. The elevator that was right next to the one I had been playing with came down and I saw the same man who was inside of it when I was about to get into my elevator the first time. His uniform indicated that he worked for the building’s maintenance department. His face was flushed and I just about saw smoke coming from his ears. He walked up to me and put his right hand’s index finger in front of my nose as he said “@#^&*%!!!” I had no idea that I had trapped him in his elevator by playing with mine.

That was the first and last time I ever played my elevator game. As I rode up with him in our elevator, I thought that he might have been less frustrated if he would have had some decent elevator music to listen to. There was no music at all and I felt that there should have been some. Satellite (1995), by the Dave Matthews Band, is my top choice for the perfect elevator song. If you happen to own a building with elevators, please make sure it plays frequently for the sake of children with idle minds.


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