Surfer Girl

As much as I love the Beach Boys, I must admit that I cannot stand the beach. It is because of the sand. It sticks to you. It gets in your food. It ends up getting into the car. You even bring sand in the house with you. It is hard to manage and get rid of. I would love the beach if not for the sand. If I could, I would replace all the sand with lawns of soft green grass. We would not be able to build sand castles but, at least, we could picnic under sanitary conditions.

My intense dislike of sand goes all the way back to my first time on the beach. I was about three years old. While everyone else had fun, I stood on a towel like it was a stationary raft amidst a sea of sand. I refused to budge until it was time to go home. I remember it well. Surfer Girl (1963), by the Beach Boys, is Brian Wilson’s first composition. When I listen to it, I remember my times on the beach but I forget all about the sand.


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