Runaround Sue

I used to work with a Runaround Sue. Her name was Darlene. I was scared to death of her. Runaround Sues have this effect on me. She ran around with a staggering number of guys in the workplace. We worked in the same department so avoiding her was impossible. I felt the urge to run away whenever she came near me. One day she confronted me with a grin and said, “You’re afraid of me.” I smiled with my mouth closed. She stated that every time she came near me, I backed off a little bit. I could not believe that she had picked up on this. I thought I was being discreet. All I could do was keep smiling. From then on, I made sure to keep standing in the same spot whenever Darlene approached. She still scared me to death but I stopped showing it. Dion’s Runaround Sue (1961) is not a song to be taken lightly. I hope you appreciate it for its educational value. This song is priceless.


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