I miss the basket like it floats. I sing the songs but miss the notes. The gutters always steal the ball. The pins just grin and do not fall. I seek no fun, I just want peace. If I release my rage, my pain can cease. I swing the bat and hit the air. I watch tv but only stare. I toss and turn before I sleep. I awake from my nightmares and weep. Maybe one day, I will sing on key. I could release my rage and be pain-free.


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Harry Burl created in 2010. He is dedicated to educating the public about the most incredible diamond that mankind will ever encounter. The Heart In Diamond is the end result of the diamond's evolution. It is only a matter of time before man-made diamonds dominate the entire diamond industry. Harry is doing his part to see that this happens as soon as possible. This will eventually put an end to blood diamonds and the environmentally destructive practice of diamond mining. Harry is a catalyst for this change to materialize. Digest what he shares and be a part of this phenomenal transition.

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