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De Beers Learned From Heart In Diamond Customers

Heart In Diamond customers have been getting diamonds without paying for a hole to be made in the ground for years now.


Don’t Get Buried

Dictionary.com’s primary definition of “wormhole” follows….

  1. a hole made by a burrowing or gnawing worm, as in timber, nuts, etc.

It’s not the timber part that makes me cringe.


Flowers Are Not For Graves

No one should waste money on flowers for a rotten person.


Bedtime Cinema

Dreams are a lot like movies except that you must sleep through them for enjoyment.


How Do You Keep An Idiot In Suspense?

You wait till September 2018 to sell your new Lightbox brand of diamond jewelry.


R.I.P. On Headstones?

It makes more sense to engrave R.I.P. on headboards.


Cremate Me

I would rather die than be buried.


You Talk Too Much

My older sister was a freshman at UCI in the fall of 1992. My parents wanted her to experience life in a university dormitory and avoid a one hour commute. The rest of us frequently visited her on weekends. On one such occasion, she was in tears. I listened as she told our mother about a student named Mickey. He was a nice guy who also lived in her dormitory. Mickey always had his left hand in the corresponding pocket of his pants. She had just asked him why this was so in front of a group of students in a lounge. He removed his hand from his pocket and showed everyone that it was deformed. You Talk Too Much (1985), by Run-D.M.C., is a song that most of us should hear on a regular basis. It reminds us of how dangerous the mouth can be. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves to be quiet. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves to shut up.