Fright Nights

As a child, I spent many nights in bed under a sheet and blanket with my limbs spread out while I balanced a pillow on my face. I aimed to appear to be flat and go unnoticed by Frankenstein or any other monster who might come out of my closet. If I could fool the monsters–maybe they would go to my sisters’ room instead. The pillow made it quite hard to breathe but I considered this to be a small price to pay for making it through the night. I remained still for hours at a time and hoped that my body would keep its “flat” configuration when I fell asleep. I fooled a great deal of monsters this way and ended up surviving my childhood.

I had a hard time separating what I would encounter in scary movies from reality. What complicated this matter was that scary movies were my favorite kind. While this is no longer the case, watching Aliens (1986) again reminded me of how I felt when I watched these scary films as a boy. This film is truly amazing. It is by far the scariest film that I have ever come across. Prepare to be astounded.


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