Don’t Disturb This Groove

I suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Horrible thoughts fill my head due to a brain abnormality. These foreign thoughts are difficult to differentiate from my actual thoughts. Every day is hell. Medications have kept me from becoming institutionalized. They partially correct my chemical imbalance. This partial correction enables me to use my intellect to battle this disorder. Every prescription has the same downside. Sooner or later, the medication becomes ineffective. I have tried just about every applicable medication over the course of 20 years. Only a few have worked. I now take Paroxetine. It is only a matter of time before my body inhibits it. This could happen tomorrow or 25 years from now. I don’t foresee a cure in my lifetime. I don’t consider it a cure if a part of my brain has to be destroyed to make the obsessions cease. I can only hope that new medications will arrive on the market. I get into a groove when a medication works. This groove is disturbed when that medication’s efficacy ends. Don’t Disturb This Groove (1987), by The System, will give you an idea of how this groove feels. Most of you should be able to relate on some level.


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