Break The Cycle

I went almost ten years without speaking to my parents. I reunited with them about a year and a half ago. I fell in love with them all over again. They have changed a great deal from when they were the parents who physically abused me as a child. I have changed a great deal from when I was that physically abused child. A lot of people are quick to point out that emotional and mental abuse can be worse than physical abuse. Many of them seem to overlook the fact that both emotional and mental abuse always accompany physical abuse but not vice versa. Getting hit has emotional and mental ramifications. All of us need to question how we were raised. Just because you were hit as a child does not mean that you have to hit your children. If we are going to break destructive cycles, we must recognize them. Break The Cycle (2014), by You+Me, imparts a message that so many of us need to grasp. Question the actions of people who may have had an impact on your ways of thinking. Injuries to our minds and emotions cannot fully heal unless we realize the need for them to do it.


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